Award Winners

Sustainer Award Winners

Beginning in 1946, the Sustainers of our League have annually presented an award to an Active member who over a period of time has accepted responsibility, has willingly done the dull jobs as well as the more challenging ones, and has consistently contributed to the League and community in time and effort.

Janet Van Alstyne Award Winners

Janet Van Alstyne was a lifelong member of the Junior League.  She embodied the spirit of voluntarism, and we honor her legacy through this award. This award seeks to recognize Sustaining members of the JLBC who have taken skills learned and honed through the Junior League out into the community, and are serving in a leadership capacity.

Woman to Watch Award Winners

The Woman to Watch award is designed to recognize “new” Active members whose early years as a Junior League of Bergen County member demonstrate significant promise consistent with the vision and values of the JLBC mission.  Since 1933, the JLBC has trained and developed women to lead their communities in change.   These women show exceptional dedication to voluntarism and improving their communities.  It is our hope that the Woman to Watch recipient will both embody those values and provide new leadership to what it will mean to be a JLBC trained civic leader.

LuAnn Giannone Award Winners

Beginning in 2019, the President of the League presents this award in memory of Luann Giannone, an active member who’s passion for the League was evident in everything she did for the League from small day to day tasks to her roles throughout her tenure with the organization. In memory of Luann, we present this award annually to an active member who embodies Luann’s passion and dedication to the Junior League of Bergen County.