Janet Van Alstyne Award

Janet Van Alstyne was a lifelong member of the Junior League.  She embodied the spirit of voluntarism, and we honor her legacy through this award. This award seeks to recognize Sustaining members of the JLBC who have taken skills learned and honed through the Junior League out into the community, and are serving in a leadership capacity.

2004-2005 Carolyn McGurn

2005-2006 Janet Sharma

2006-2007 Joan VanAlstyne Johnson

2007-2008 Trudi Dial

2008-2009 Catherine Dodwell

2009-2010 Dee Kelly

2010-2011 Sue Madden

2011-2012 Catherine Newman

2012-2013 Gretchen Viggiano

2013-2014 Mary Ann Pearson

2014-2015 Rita Browning

2015-2016 Marilyn Keyes

2016-2017 Mary Ellen Snow

2017-2018 Susanne Lovisolo

2018-2019 Laura Behrmann

2019-2020 Sarah Ricca (Beane)