Developing the Potential of Women and Training Volunteers

The Junior League of Bergen County is devoted to training our members and the local community.  Most of our topics focus on transferable skills that are facilitated by industry experts.  Check back as more webinars and podcasts are added!

“Your Career Marathon: Pacing Yourself Strategically”

Gain insights, principles, practices, and protocols to proactively manage and relish your career journey. Learn practical tips to build your resilience. Reward yourself with the ability to work and live with greater clarity, focus, and fulfillment

“Unity, Diversity, Inclusion & Allyship”

A community conversation on the importance of equality. A panel of speakers who discuss the current state of diversity and inclusion within our community from a variety of perspectives.

“PowerPoint 101

Presented by Lauren Sgro, treasurer of Junior Leagues of New Jersey and past president of the Junior League of Greater Princeton. Get a walk-through on the basics of creating a PowerPoint presentation, including how to use templates, select fonts, correct slides, and add animation.

“Raising Your Remote IQ”

A dynamic seminar presented by Raleigh Mayer about how to master living and working in a virtual world.  Learn how to be engaging on virtual platforms and elicit meaningful conversation with others virtually.

“Overcoming Perfectionism”

Join Vitale Buford as she teaches you about how perfectionism patterns leadership abilities and how you can take your energy toward perfectionism and turn it into success.  You will leave feeling more empowered and will have the tools to help them lead with imperfection and build their confidence.