JLBC Donors

Over the years, we have been very fortunate to partner with many local businesses, corporations, and friends of the league.  As a non-profit organization, we greatly appreciate any form of donation that will aid our fundraising events and/or serve the charities in our local community that our Mission and League supports.

For more information on becoming a sponsor of any of our future events or making a donation, please contact us via email at contactus@thejlbc.org or call us at 201-447-2292. 

If you are interested in supporting in a different way the Junior League of Bergen County has a Amazon Wishlist filled with items to support our work in the community for the 2023-2024 league year and is updated regularly with throughout the year as projects are added.  Please make sure to select the gift registry shipping address when ordering and item’s will be sent directly to our community committee.