Meet Festival of Trees 2019 Honoree, Christine Kearney

The perfect kick-off to the giving season is here!  The Junior League of Bergen County (JLBC) is proud to announce its 33rd Annual Festival of Trees, scheduled for Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the Alpine County Club in Demarest, New Jersey. 

As part of this year’s gala program, the JLBC will also be honoring longstanding member and Upper Saddle River resident, Christine Kearney, who has given the JLBC her time, energy, and expertise for more than fifteen years. Christine has also been active in the Bergen Community, using her JLBC training and skills by currently serving on the Board of Trustees for West Bergen Mental Health.  She previously served on the Board for Rebuilding Together, and Children’s Aid and Family Services.  

We’re so proud and honored to have Christine as our Festival honoree this year, and invite you to get to know her ahead of the event, with our special round of “5 Questions with…Christine Kearney” – featured below:

Q:  How long have you been a member of the Junior League of Bergen County, and what inspired you to join?

A:  I have been a member of the JLBC for 17 years.  When I stopped working, I was looking for a way to meet people in Bergen and engage in the community.  My friend Susanne Lovisolo encouraged me to join the League.

Q:  What has been some of your favorite projects you’ve lead over the years?

A:  Rebuilding Together and Baby Basics have been my two favorite projects.

Q:  What has it meant to you, to be a part of the JLBC and see its impact on our local communities over the years?

A:  It has been a great sense of accomplishment and pride to see what a great group of women can do help our community.

Q:  Can you share with us your favorite Festival memory?

A:  My most memorable Festival was the year I was President and we honored Peg Knight.  She was an incredible woman that gave so much to the League and to Bergen County for so many years.

Q:  Any shout-outs you’d like to give to your family, friends, and JLBC ladies, who have joined you along your League career?

A:  I would like to my husband and my children for never giving me grief when I was headed to another JLBC meeting.  My parents for all the babysitting when Zoe and Ian were little, so I could go and volunteer.  Thank you to all the great women that have touch my life through the JLBC.